My Work Here Is Done


The BIG news

Drumroll please…….

(insert drum roll here)

I MOVED!!!!!!

You will now find me here!

Hope to see you there!


Stay tuned

This is as privilaged as it gets….

So you better appreciate it =)

I’m sharing my ME time with you! So appreciate that goddamnit =p

I am currently enjoying some me time. Few and far between, may I add. But here we are. No kids, no husband, no work, no stress, no screaming, no noise….. Peace.

I’m soaking in the hottest bath this side of hell itself. Surrounded by beautiful candles and relaxing.

The only downside to this? Trying to make sure I don’t relax too much and drop my iPhone in the tub, and trying to stop the screen from fogging up.

I figure if that’s the worst I have to worry about then I’m doing pretty good.

In other news, I’ve spent the evening decorating a cake and wrapping presents. It’s party time tomorrow, so while I’m here in bliss gorgeous hubby is busy cleaning the house. He’s awesome, just don’t tell him I said that. Anyway, B2 turns 2 next week, so party time tomorrow. Pics and chaos to follow.

Breaking news, check out the Facebook boxy thingy on the right. I created a Facebook page for this site! I was feeling all left out with EVVVERRRYone having one, so I got one too. Not expecting any visitors, but I’m happy! If you feel so inclined to “like” my page I would be most grateful! (hint hint nudge nudge PUSH)

Well, back to the world of blissful retreat for me while it lasts….


The “Spider”

Hey look mummy! Look!

Look what I made!

It’s a pider mummy!

Is it a spider sweetheart? You’re very clever.

Yeah, I am. A pider mummy. Take a photo!

Empty Nest Syndrome

My favourite TV show at the moment is Packed To The Rafters. My husband and I both agree that it’s like looking in a crystal ball and into our future. The only thing it’s missing is a couple more kids.

Since this show first aired, it’s been the instigating force behind “empty nest” related conversation. Mind you, our youngest is yet to have his first birthday, so we’ve got a while.

My standard answer? Their bags will be packed and at the front door on their 18th Birthdays. My responsibility expires then, so does their lease!

Nice to think about. Delusional I know… I love my kids, I don’t know how I’ll cope as they start to venture into their own lives. My husband, on the other hand will cope less than me.

First days of school? He’ll be the one with tears in his eyes, holding on for dear life.

First sleepover? He’ll volunteer to help supervise I’m sure.

First school camp? Again, any volunteers? He’ll do it!

First date? OMG don’t get him started on that! Something involving shovels or fishing, I forget which one we’re up to.

What prompted this random post? A discussion about bunk beds!

Yeah I know…. Not surprised.

We already have a set of bunk beds, they are used as separate singles at the moment though. Two years ago we agreed we would need a second set, four kids at that stage.

We now have five. Poor lil baby L doesn’t have a bed to move into on his first birthday =(

Soooo I started the conversation about rearranging rooms and buying another set of bunk in the next few weeks. My theory being getting the other kids used to the changes one by one until our little one makes the big change.

Silly me. That opened a can of worms.

Husband isn’t ready. Isn’t ready for the kids to get bigger. Isn’t ready for our baby, our last, to grow. It’s scaring him. The conversation ceased. I’m still trying to work out if it’s a whole insecureaboutgettingolder thing or not.

So to try to lighten the mood (and I cannot confirm nor deny, stirring a little shit) I made some jokes about him being the typical “mother” on their first day of school or god-forbid, their wedding days! *snort*

I was baffled when the humour wasn’t reciprocated?!

So looks like I need a few more weeks of convincing him (more than the kids) that this plan is going to take place. By hell or high water IT WILL HAPPEN!

Then I can go shopping =)

I actually WON something

Believe it or not. I know i can’t.

I actually won?!

A huuuuggggeeeee thanks to the wonderfully gorgeous Stay at Home Babe!

She is awesome! Check her out and tell her I sent you =)

Little changes make a HUGE difference

It really is amazing how much one little change can make a huge impact on your life.

I knew when I accepted this job, that there would be differences, I just didn’t realise how extreme they would be.

Now, sections that follow may include details pertaining to female issues. I suggest if you’re going to act like a two year old and go all “icky” then either fast forward or do the little “x” thingy. What ever floats your boat…..

I missed when I was due this month. Totally missed it. It turned up and I was all like whatthefudgeisgoingonhere. I forgot to check the calendar. My PMDD for the usual weekfromhell was almost non existent! I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t teary. I didn’t come down with a cold. I didn’t swear revenge on every person that came within two miles of me! It wasn’t there. I was normal.

Even my husband didn’t notice, and he’s usually the one that can see my moods coming from fifty paces.

Instead of a week and a half of insanity, I probably had a day, and that was after the fact!

I can’t believe that a tiny change in the grand scheme of life, has made such a massive positive impact.

Ok, safe to read now for the immature ones……

The hours have been long. It’s been hectic. I’m sleeping well. I’m not stressed. I’m happy at work and at home. Until I get myself into a routine and learn most of what’s going on, the hours won’t get shorter. I expected that. Surprisingly I’m ok with it. So’s my husband. My sanity and calmness far out weighs being away from home for a little longer each day.

I got a phone calm this morning. The office girl has chucked a sook and taken two weeks leave. Things will be more hectic, longer days, I have to fumble through things I haven’t yet been shown to keep the place running. I’m ok with that. In a weird way I’m looking forward to it. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing and I’m actually up for the challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much prefer to be at home with my kids more. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.

What I wasn’t going to say the other day was, all going well, within a couple of months I’ll be manager of two depots. It’s already been offered to me. Hence the raise the other day. They want to retain me until the wheels are set in motion and a few things are further set in concrete. Then it’s promotion and further raise time!

So you may not see me around much for the next couple of weeks. I’ll send a postcard or something in the meantime.

For those of you who have been meebo-ing me lately, I’ve got every one of the messages. A huge thankyou! I’ve usually just missed you =) sorry about that.

Well off to enjoy the last little bit of relax of my weekend……



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